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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back in Touch

I never dreamed that the acquisition of two bookcases {see blog post “New Bookcase”} would put me in touch with my high school English teacher and journalism advisor.

After finding W. Frank Landing’s historical novel War Cry of the South buried with other book treasures in The Closet, I googled Mr. Landing and came up empty. I wanted to thank him for not squashing my imagination. One short story I wrote in his class was a mystery/suspense. I thought it was great. It wasn’t. But he saw potential and encouraged me. I wanted to thank him. Disappointed that I hadn’t located Mr. Landing, I went on to other things.

But guess what! A few days later I received the following e-mail:

Dear Sally,

Much to my surprise and great pleasure, my granddaughter, Kelli, informed me today that she discovered you were in my 12th. grade English class in Greenville, North Carolina. That brought back a lot of fond memories of teaching and having shared many intellectual moments with very bright students like yourself.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since those days at Greenville.

Briefly, I went on to become a principal and associate superintendent in Durham, N. C.. I earned my Doctorate at Duke in 1968. I have some writing credits other than "War Cry of the South."

There were several events that occurred in connection with "War Cry of the South" that I had not expected.

It is pleasing to learn that you are a published author and I shall be interested in hearing more of your efforts.

Send me a note when you have a free moment.

With all best wishes,

Dr. W. Frank Landing

Wow! I can hardly believe that my first blog post accomplished this. I look forward to discovering what future gems my blog will uncover.

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