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I'm a Southern gal who loves life, my husband and our family (which, to date, includes 13 grandchildren). I enjoy being with friends and family. But I also like being alone and thinking up plots for future books. I've published two novels, both mysteries, and I'm working on my third. For more about my books, visit me at If you ever hear me say, "I'm bored," please get me to the ER immediately! Paddling my kayak and snapping pictures of the critters I see relaxes me. Beach music has the opposite effect--when I hear those old "doo-wops" I want to dance.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A January Morning

This picture was taken this morning. A few blog posts ago, I declared that fall was my favorite season. I think not. Winter now rates as number one. Call me an old F.S.P.—a Fickle Season Person. I love winter and all that comes with it: celebrating the true meaning of Christmas and enjoying time with family and friends; a brand new year filling me with great expectations of things to come; watching the sunbeams dance on the water on a cold winter day; dull brown leaves hiding nature’s secrets that will surprise me in the spring; trees, naked without their leaves, providing a better view of the mountain across the cove; cardinals, blue jays, finches and other fowl flocking to the feeders and competing with the squirrels for sustenance. Because of the damage the raccoons and possums do to the feeders, every night we bring the feeders inside, then put them back out early each morning.

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A LONG Table!

I never dreamed we'd be able to seat our three children, spouses, and ten grandchildren at a single table. That's eighteen people! Until this Christmas, the eight adults would sit at the main table, the three oldest grandchildren on the bar stools at the kitchen counter, the next six at the children's play table Ron made for our kids eons ago, and the baby of the year in the high chair. This year seventeen of us gathered comfortably around our new eight leaves LONG dining room table. Johanna, the baby, perched in the high chair within spoon distance of her daddy's hand. If she'd been old enough we could have made room for her at the table with us.

Next year we will either include Johanna at the table or bring in a second high chair. You guessed it! We're having another grandbaby for a total of 11 here on earth. Daughter Christine and her husband Daniel announced the exciting news during the holidays. We're thrilled.

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