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Monday, July 01, 2013


Heather Hutzler, producer of Daytime Blue Ridge TV Channel 10 in Roanoke, VA, invited me back to Daytime Blue Ridge on June 27th. This time we chatted for two six-minute segments. Like my first appearance near the end of May, I enjoyed Heather and talking with her. But this time it was even more fun because my stomach didn't hurt and I wasn't shaking like a leaf!

Below is a picture hubby Ron took of the set. If you've never been inside a TV studio, this is what the Channel 10 TV set looks like. To the right of this picture is another set where the weather is filmed. To the left and through the door is the small kitchen where the cooking segments are shot. Cameras are everywhere. Those working behind the scenes are efficient, proficient, and very nice. Here is the first segment.

Heather (left) and me. Click to enlarge.

Ron recorded the entire show so we could watch it later at home. The picture below of Heather and me isn't the best; I shot it while watching our recorded program, so we look a little, well, wide and distorted.

Organized and calm, Heather makes everything seem so easy. Here is the second six-minute segment.

Also on the show that day was Louise Scott, who talked about her1971 Plymouth 'cuda convertible (only 374 ever made) and the Star City Motor Madness.

Like I said earlier, I had a great time. Thanks, Heather. You are appreciated!

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