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Friday, December 26, 2008

Still Remembering Jonathan

I miss my grandson. Precious Jonathan should have been five years old tomorrow, December 27. None of us who loved him ever suspected that he was born with arterial venous malformation. None of us guessed that on January 12, 2006, the blood vessels in his brain would burst and that he would be with the Lord on January 13. The pain of losing him is still there, always will be. But the joy of having him for those two years and 17 days far outweighs the pain.

He never met his sister Johanna, born only eight days after he died. Nor did he know his brother Josiah, born September 5, 2007. But Johanna feels as though she knows him; Josiah will, too. We talk about Jonathan, celebrate his birthday, tell Johanna and Josiah how sweet he was, how much he loved his parents and five older siblings. They know he liked trucks and tractors, the family's chickens, playing ball, sharing a bedroom with his big brother Jacob, splashing in the lake, laughing with his four older sisters.

I wish I could hold him again, feel his cheek against mine, hear his delightful squeal when he looked out the windows at the lake. Some day, God willing, I will see him again.

Happy birthday, Jonathan. Grandmother still loves you.

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