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Monday, February 15, 2010

Book Review of Beyond Woofs and Whinnies

Animal communicator Karen Wrigley has just published Beyond Woofs and Whinnies, a book all pet owners and animal lovers should have on their book shelves or coffee tables. If you believe that animals can communicate with people, you will like this book. If you are a non-believer, you will still benefit from, and enjoy hearing, what the animals say. An excellent article by Rebecca Jackson about Karen and her book appeared in the February 10, 2010 issue of the Smith Mountain Eagle.

From the back cover:
Most pet owners swear their animal has something to say. After all, they make a variety of sounds. And once in a while, an animal seems to "almost talk." Sure, animals communicate. Each species has its own particular vocal repertoire. But this book opens the door to a different way animals communicate; the animals share their thoughts with us humans. What they tell us goes far beyond purrs and chirps, beyond snorts and snuffles, BEYOND WOOFS AND WHINNIES.
I've read several drafts of Beyond Woofs and Whinnies, and when Karen gave me the final proof copy, I read it again. As before, I laughed and cried at what these wise animals said. Each time I read the book I learned something new. This last reading has changed my life. I will stop sweating the small stuff. I will relax more, laugh more, and make more time for my family, my friends, and myself.

Karen Wrigley's book will affect not only my dogs' lives, but mine, too. And I will read Beyond Woofs and Whinnies again and again. I strongly urge each of you to buy a copy.

Books are available from Infinity Publishing or Toll-free (800) BUY-BOOK, from Karen,, and at numerous shops locally.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

A Snowy Weekend

This picture was taken December 26th. There is still a little snow from the December snowstorm left on the deck. Note my grandkids' bare feet and their shirts that say "Grandma's Favorite." Even though this picture shows 11 grands, we have 12. Jonathan is in heaven.

Now, 12 new inches of snow blanket everything. Today the roads still aren't in good shape. Our driveway is cleared, thanks to hubby's Kubota RTV and his 1953 Ferguson tractor.

Yellow Dawg and Angus love for Ron to use his tractor.
Yellow usually rides along in the Kubota.

To me, the best thing about having snow is the pictures I can snap. This one is taken on the screen porch. I used the advice I got in Dan Smith's photography class at the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference in January and didn't attempt to center everything. I like this shot. Thanks, Dan.

Birds are a favorite subject of mine, and since Saturday, I've taken over 100 pictures. Don't worry--you won't be subjected to all of them! All the fowl shots were taken through closed sliding glass doors or windows.

I took the above picture of this bluebird through my office window. I've seen only one; hope it has a mate.

This female cardinal's mate flew off seconds before I snapped this shot.

Gold finches vying for a feeding station. There is another feeder full of nyger seed, but I couldn't be at all the feeders at once. They consumed most of the feed in this feeder in half a day. And yes, I filled it again.

Mist rising off the lake on Sunday morning. Get ready, because more weather is predicted for Tuesday!

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