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Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Book Signing

On Saturday, August 15, I signed books with Tad Parker, a YA author, at Kitty's Little Book Shoppe in Moneta. The crowds were not huge, but I sold some books, chatted with some nice folks, and got to know Tad better. The book shop is located on 122 in Bedford County. If you are in the area and need some books, drop by. Kitty's Little Book Shoppe is packed with new and used books.

Tad is a new member of Lake Writers and, in my opinion, a good writer. He has some good ideas about marketing. The title of his book is Jerry McAllister and the Slaves of the Tellusian Underground, Book One. Says Tad, "The book is a lively, believable fantasy for children in fourth, fifth and sixth grades." You can read more about Tad Parker and his book on his web site.

After leaving Kitty's, I hurried home, fixed a quick supper for Ron and me, and we drove over to Hickory Hill Winery and Vineyard for their last Sunset Saturday of the season. We bought a glass of wine, relaxed in our folding chairs, and enjoyed live music. Except for paddling in my kayak, Hickory Hill's Sunset Saturdays are my most relaxing times in the summer. If you've never stopped at Hickory Hill, you've missed tasting good wine and meeting some really nice people.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

First Book Signing

On Saturday, August 1, I joined Curtis Nester, Jim Morrison, and Bob VandeLinde at The General Store for a book signing--the first signing with my newly released novel Secrets at Sweetwater Cove. We had fun, met a lot of nice folks, and sold books--lots of books! That's us pictured below.

My first book signing with my first novel, Secrets at Spawning Run, was also held at The General Store. When book #1 was published, going into shops and hawking my wares terrified me. When a junior in high school, we juniors had to go door to door to sell magazine subscriptions to raise money for our class. That also terrified me. I remember knocking on doors and saying, "You don't want to buy a magazine, do you?"

Well, when you publish a book, especially a POD (print-on-demand) book, you must market your book if you want any sales. If not for writer buddies Becky Mushko and Karen Wrigley, that first signing at The General Store in 2005 may not have occurred. The first shop I entered tongue-tied me and I hurried out. After that fiasco, Becky and Karen aimed me at The General Store. Becky pulled me while Karen literally pushed from behind until I was inside. Rita and Vicki, owners of The General Store, agreed to take a few of my books. Ever since that day, the folks at The General Store have been great friends.

Above is a picture of King, a stuffed black Lab I bought at The General Store. King goes to book signings and talks with me.

If you've never shopped there, you've missed something special. The store is located at 213 Scruggs Road, Hardy, VA 24121, phone 540-721-3009. Stop by. You'll be glad you did.

* * *

My second book signing will be August 15 from 1:00 to 4:00 at Kitty's Little Book Shoppe located on 11858 Moneta Road (Rt. 122), Moneta, phone 540-297-7740. Both novels, Secrets at Spawning Run and Secrets at Sweetwater Cove, will be available for purchase. Tad Parker, another local writer, will be there with his new book Jerry McAllister and the Slaves of the Tellusian Underground, Book One. And Kitty will serve refreshments, so come fill up on culinary delights and good books!

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