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Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Great May

The month of May began with our oldest grandchild's college graduation from the University of Mary Washington. We are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished, know that she will be successful at whatever she does. After all, she participated in the NOLS Southwest 14-week adventure and came home wanting more.

Our graduate with her parents

On May 19, I drove to Atlantic Beach, NC, to be with four really good friends. Anne, Katherine, Kathryn and I have known each other since kindergarten. Dot moved to town the summer before the ninth grade. Kathryn's 1937 beachfront house is charming and full of old-beach personality. We spent lots of time swinging and talking on the upper and lower covered porches, talked sometimes until almost 1:00 a.m., showed pictures. Sweet hubby Ron texted me Saturday afternoon to remind me of the Preakness, which I would have missed if not for him. My horse won. Yay!

One of the covered porches.

View of the house from the ocean side.

For Saturday lunch we went to the Beaufort Grocery Company restaurant on Queen Street in Beaufort. I ordered the No. 2--the Fuhgeddaboudit sandwich--and sweet potato chips, the best chips I've ever eaten. The sandwich was also incredible. 

 Our waitress snapped this picture of us.

Meanwhile, as I was making the seven hour trip home in sometimes heavy rain, Ron, sons Ronny and Bill, and grandson Matthew went to the airshow featuring the Blue Angels in Lynchburg. They all thought the show was fabulous, are so glad they went. Below are some of the pictures Ron took. Click to enlarge.

This morning Ron saw a fawn bedded down between our house and the lake. 
I put my "big boy" lens on my camera and snapped the picture below.            

About three hours later a doe walked past my front porch on the street side of the house. I could tell she was searching for something, figured the fawn I'd seen earlier had moved and Momma couldn't find him.

Five minutes later I saw Momma in the next yard with the fawn (See above. Fawn is in bottom left corner.) Couldn't get a good picture because I was shooting through the screen door, but it was a happy ending. I like happy endings. And I have thoroughly enjoyed the month of May.

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